When you  struggle to choose between minimizing cost and hiring high-class professionals, we can help you by combining both of these factors together.

Chiron Outstaffing Service

We provide two different models for Outsourcing / Outstaffing. You can give us work to be completed and we will follow you deadlines and deliver an amazing product by working with our team or you can “lease” a professional according to your needs: Junior, Mid-Level, or Senior. 


This service is offered primarily for small to-mid-size companies that need to save money but get a high-quality product. We will provide you with a labor force; all the employees you outstaff will be seated within our facilities, and we will take care of taxes, payments etc. As a result, you’ll receive the service of a professional developer for about 50% cheaper than average on the market. Contact us today to request our pricing models and find which one works best for you. 


This service is offered primarily for companies that have strict timelines and products which need to be completed ASAP but also need to save money on hiring labor and paying the related costs. We still offer a price which is 50% below the market which helps you save your budget, but we will make the choice regarding the professionals we hire to the team. The entire team will be located in our offices, with all equipment provided and we will take care of payments.



HR process on us

Clear model

  • The team and each employee work at a fixed monthly cost – no hidden expenses.
  • The team activities are managed by a Project Manager or a Team Leader of the client’s choosing.
  • The client participates in the hiring interviews, chooses best candidates (outstaffing) and has full control over the team’s daily work.
  • We provide a location/workspace in our company’s office

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