OutSystems Onboarding & IT Ticketing

Drive real growth and make an impact with our OutSystems Solutions. Launch brilliant new customer experiences and prototypes, deploy new ideas in weeks, and leap ahead to lead your market.

Business process automation

Let us help your company with its daily routine. Automate HR, accounting, administrative and other processes efficiently and effectively using OutSystems

Web and Mobile apps development

Need a mobile app but don’t want to spend half of your company’s budget? We have you covered! Save up to 50% on app development.

Reporting systems

Add some extra intelligence to your company – build a reporting system with us. Our experts have a vast amount of experience in building reporting systems of any level of complexity

Support services

We understand that your business doesn’t stay in the same place and you need help with applying process updates to your OutSystems applications. We are always happy to help.

A few examples

Onboarding Application

We all know how stressful the onboarding process can be for a new hire. It’s highly important to make sure that everything is ready upon the new employee’s start date – and that’s not just limited to the workspace, furniture or computer. There are so many factors that should be arranged ahead of time, including access to the building, parking, software installation, IT access and so on.

IT Ticketing System

We implemented an IT ticketing system in 3 biweekly sprints. There was a demo after each sprint so stakeholders could provide feedback during the development process but even with all the changes requested, 6 weeks is still a striking time-frame in which to complete the whole system and build it up.

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