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Modern Meeting Experience solution for the global EY office with cloud apps integration

Chiron’s team helped EY to implement an internal Modern Meeting Experience solution.

The project lasted over one and a half years and started with requirements and ideas gathering, went to POC build, and grew up to a fully separate solution built on SharePoint online environment.  We worked closely with EY internal business and IT teams from USA, Europe, and Asia and Microsoft team from the UK. The solution was developed for the Global EY office and was implemented across different countries and offices.


EY had multiple systems in place before to support the need to book meeting rooms and request additional equipment and services in those rooms. Not just that it was adding complexity for the IT team to support multiple systems, but it also ate a lot of budgets. So the decision was made to build a new custom solution using Microsoft products: SharePoint on the front end and Azure on the backend. EY employees travel a lot and are usually unfamiliar with the office and location they travel too. So it was hard for them to book the right meeting room and request additional services.


The solution was delivered on the intranet portal and connected multiple systems together, allowing users to see various offices in multiple countries from the web dashboard and Outlook client. Then apply filters for how many people will attend the meeting, what equipment is needed, guest parking, or catering services requests; the system shows available rooms within locations for a specific time and date.

Technical Implementation

Implementation was done on SharePoint online, using Angular and SPFX. The backend was running on Azure with Azure SQL database, Exchange, and various cloud 3rd services connected to the app and communicating with each other.


Project Snapshots

Below you can find examples of some Dashboard views, forms, and filters users could fill out, and get the overall idea of the design and functionality of the application.

  • Administrator view for a facility manager Administrator view for a facility manager
  • Details view for each requested item Details view for each requested item
  • Home Dashboard view for a user Home Dashboard view for a user
  • New form for filling up the infromation New form for filling up the infromation
  • Reports and metrics data for administrators Reports and metrics data for administrators

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