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Portal and Automated business process for the Disaster Recovery Team (CVS EDR)

Chiron’s team worked with Sungards together on this project.

CVS’s Disaster Recovery team needed a solution for the annual disaster recovery process exercise and results tracking tool. The project went on for over 2 years with the initial phase being finished in 8 months and later support and feature enhancements.


CVS Disaster Recovery (DR) team didn’t have a normalized process for disaster recovery tracking. Previously annual DR process was done via emails, and all results were tracked in the Excel file that was shared between more than 100 people responsible for various applications. This created a mess and complicated how DR results could be tracked as one Excel file grew into multiple copies, and communication and results were spread all over.


The dedicated site was created on the Intranet portal using SharePoint online. A custom SPFX solution was put together to reflect all the process stages and needs. Now DR team members were able to initiate the annual exercise process, and a separate list contained information on all applications deployed within CVS and the responsible person for each of the apps. After the process got initiated, each application owner received an automated email notification. After that, they were able to run their test and capture results in forms within the dashboard. DR Admins had a separate dedicated dashboard where they could track the status of each of the applications and apply different filters. All results could be exported to PDF and Excel.

Technical Implementation

SharePoint Online was used as a platform to host the application. All data was mainly hosted in the SharePoint lists and libraries. Integration with Exchange and 3rd party applications was done via REST API. Automation was achieved using Microsoft Power Automate Flows and custom JS code. The application front end was developed on React.


Project Snapshots

Below you can find examples of the Main Dashboards, along with some forms and screens developed as the part of the application

  • CVS EDR Main Dashboard CVS EDR Main Dashboard
  • EDR process Emails configuration with dynamic parameters EDR process Emails configuration with dynamic parameters
  • EDR Process form EDR Process form
  • EDR process Archived items Dashboard EDR process Archived items Dashboard
  • EDR Process User access request form EDR Process User access request form

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