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Intranet Portal Solution For CyberPower

There is always a point when company becomes big enough that it becomes hard to keep everything organized. That’s why Intranet portal is always a great solution for everybody: all information can be found in one place; employees can get answers on most of the questions there instead of asking somebody; better organized file storage with right permissions are few features provided by Intranets.

To complete the project for CyberPowerwe choose the SharePoint online platform and used Modern UI and SharePoint framework to provide a desired solution.


Sitting and the top of the home page news slider can provide quick insights on what’s going on in the company that employees can stay up to date with all recent updates and news. All data hosted in the SharePoint list and retrieved with Rest API. Slider itself built with JavaScript and some open source libraries.


All data in One Place! To eliminate the need to go to a 3rd party applications like Tweeter we integrated the Tweeter news feed to a SharePoint home page and provided a quick link to a company channel.


All the useful links, news and information which didn’t feet the main news slider can be placed as tiles at the home page.


In case you are spending a lot of time in the office, it’s always useful to see what’s going inside especially when you came to the home page of Intranet portal.


Project Snapshots

  • Home page Home page
  • HR page HR page

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