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Co-funding and DPCPSI dashboards, forms and automated processes for the Director Office of NIH

Chiron’s team worked with Sentilect together on this project.

The director’s office needed to develop a dashboard to track various activities within the National Institute of Health. As a result Centralized dashboard was developed with separate modules for Mentor, Budget, and Grant tracking. All applications contained the automated workflow process and a variety of different forms.


DPCPSI needed to have one centralized location to track activities for Budget between different offices. Based on the captured information, reports should be generated with various metrics. There also was a need to provide users with the ability to see floor plans for different locations. And Mentoring application was a separate module to allow users and new hires to select their mentors and for mentors to see their mentees.  The system should support multiple roles with different permissions.


The dedicated site was created on the Intranet portal with a Co-funding dashboard. The dashboard itself is configurable and allows users to select what columns to show, apply filters and use search. All results from the dashboard could be exported to Excel or PDF format, and multiple pre-defined views are available.

As part of the automation process and data-capturing process, multiple forms were developed that showed different information based on the stage of the process and the role of the currently logged-in user. Automate email notifications were configured to notify users if any actions should be taken from their end.

Technical Implementation

Implementation was done on the on-premises SharePoint 2016. Forms were developed using the Angular framework, and notifications were done via Timer Jobs and workflows. All information was saved between SharePoint lists and libraries as well as the SQL Server database. Roles and permissions were managed within SharePoint itself, and the logic of the application was to show them according to UI.


Project Snapshots

Please find below a few examples of the Dashboard and one of the tens of forms that was built for the project

  • Co-funding Dashboard view Co-funding Dashboard view
  • One of the forms to enter data One of the forms to enter data
  • Co-Funding request form Co-Funding request form
  • Person Profile Dashboard view Person Profile Dashboard view
  • NIH NDS Institute Page view NIH NDS Institute Page view

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