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Custom reporting web-based application (SHIP). Reporting and infographics for executive management

Chiron became a trusted contractor for VMware and delivered our services for over two years on multiple different projects.

The SHIP project was designed for executive management to log in to a dedicated portal and have the ability to review the status of all incident systems deployed within VMware. So, the main views of the portal were charts and infographics that showed the status for different systems and open tickets.


Having over ten various systems, it was a hustle to log in to each one separately and review statuses. Hence this project was born to provide a unified space with a clear picture of all the systems. Previously even after accessing every system separately, reports and views of data varied. Deploying SHIP allowed managers to go to one place and prepare reports from multiple systems in the same format.


A stand-alone solution was developed that was running on the internal VMware servers. Separating all the systems into logical buckets and tabs allowed our team to provide a better enhanced User Experience and Interface. A variety of charts, graphs, tables, and filters were developed to organize all data into convenient views. UI/UX team gathered feedback from users and came up with the light and clear interface that supported light and dark themes. And developers implemented responsive design and integration with over 10 different systems,

Technical Implementation

The front end of the project was mainly developed on Angular and the back-end was running on the C#. API integrations were done with multiple systems to connect all data together. An internal Authentication module was used to allow users access and Single Sing On.


Project Snapshots

Below you can find examples of the application that was developed, charts and overall user interface

  • Executive Summary main page Executive Summary main page
  • Secure State page with bar charts Secure State page with bar charts
  • Cloud Services Security Program page Cloud Services Security Program page
  • Dark Theme for the portal Dark Theme for the portal
  • Mobile view of the portal Mobile view of the portal

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