In 2016, AIIM researched SharePoint and found that over half of the participants viewed SharePoint as a challenge. Learn more about SharePoint
2022 marks the 22nd anniversary of SharePoint. Since 2001 the platform has become the robust product, it is today. Stats tell […]
Does SharePoint Require Coding?
Whether you’re running a large scale business or a small start up, you need to ensure that your business is […]
Put simply, Microsoft Sharepoint is a website-based collaboration system, designed to help teams work together. Learn more here.
Here at Chiron, we know that businesses can benefit greatly from having the right software available to them. Of course, […]
Integrating Microsoft Project With SharePoint Online
If you’re in charge of choosing and implementing software for your business or the business you work for, you’ll find […]
How To Customize SharePoint Website - Infographic
How To Customize Your Microsoft SharePoint Website Customize logo – Recommended logo size is 64px x 64px. Customize navigation – […]
Choosing the right software and processes for your business can be a difficult decision. We're experts at helping with this process.
Choosing the right software and processes for your business can be a difficult decision. You need to find something that […]
If you have been thinking of getting some help on the online side of things, then we web development company […]
Why Do Companies Use SharePoint?
Business tools come and go, one month you may hear a lot about it on the platform but the very […]
Employee and customer collaborating on a Laptop about SharePoint Online and Office 365
Microsoft is one of the biggest tech companies in the world, they’re praised for having multiple organizations from a variety […]
Cloud-based Document Storge Chiron Logo
Connected today means you have to be aware of all the services available. Weeding through all the data can be […]

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