Microsoft Office 365 combines best-in-class productivity apps with intelligent cloud services to transform the way you work. The Microsoft Sharepoint app is a web-based collaboration platform that offers a secure place to store, organize, share and access information from any device! This program is ideal for growing companies, corporations, and enterprises alike. Moreover, Microsoft is always adding new features to improve the user experience. 

Sharepoint Dashboard

As Sharepoint experts, the team at Chiron stays up to date on the latest Sharepoint news so we can better serve our customers. 

This past October Microsoft has made several improvements and additions to its Sharepoint program. Here is a quick list of the top updates available now in Sharepoint

Sharepoint Updates

  • Url Rename
    • SharePoint administrators can now change site URLs for classic team sites, communication sites, and modern team sites (even if they aren’t connected to Microsoft 365)
  • Sharepoint Start Page
    • The “home page” is now the “start page.” The layout is more user-friendly and free-flowing for fewer distractions and more productivity!
  • Migration Tool
    • Now you can migrate content from SharePoint Server 2010 to Office 365. You can now select a sub-folder destination or create a sub-folder directly.
  • Differential Sync For All File Types
    • You can now sync updates only to large files instead of syncing the entire file. In other words, this new update saves time and bandwidth! You can use this sync on all file types including JPEG, PDF, MOV, MP4, and more.
  • Custom List-View Formatting
    • There is now the ability for users to add “Tile views” to lists via JSON. This is a visual update only and simply creates a more attractive aesthetic without changing data within lists. 
  • Form Configuration In Lists And Libraries
    • It’s now easier to customize the visibility and order of fields in the list and library forms. Users can select an item and click “edit form” to customize their experience. 

The Sharepoint experts at Chiron can help you with custom branding, web-parts development, workflows automation, structure maintenance, and permissions set up. In addition, we can assist you with sharing and managing content to help you seamlessly collaborate across your organization!

With our headquarters in Washington, DC, we work with both local government organizations and enterprise companies as well as with international clients around the world. Chiron offers business-focused solutions for process automation, data services integration, development of internal collaboration platforms, reporting solutions, and IT infrastructure maintenance.

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