Labshare Application Project

Labshare is a web-based framework application which can be adjusted to work on any device in any platform: Mac, Wondows, Linux, IOS, Android, SharePoint and so on. Chiron developed the application as a part of Axle Informatics company group. Labshare provide access to scientists to the unified platform, which can be used to create groups, facilities, share files and researchers with each other. Admins can provide access to users who have Gmail, Azure, NIH or other accounts supported by built-in connectors. Storage component allows users to download and host files from their local devices as well as from AWS.

Application developed using Typescript, shell, lsc, Docker, APIs and other programming languages and tools.

Login Screen

Access your workspace or create a new one

After you select any option application will talk to another component called “Auth” to authenticate you in the system and provide with right permissions

Home Page

Choose your facility and manage it

On the left side you can switch between different facilities you have access to, without a need to authenticate again, the same security token will be used

Upload files

Manage all files in storage and give permissions there

You can create lists / pages / roles and provides users with access. In addition to that you have your own storage space assigned for each facility. Share all the content from one place

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