Intranet Portal Upgrade, Redesign and Audience Targeting

Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) is a mid-size bank with the headquarters in the Bay Area in USA. Chiron provided consulting services and was implementation partner through the Clarity Consultants group.

SVB had old SharePoint 2010 site and had multiple issues with content management and amount of pages they needed to support. SVB decided to move majority of the content for the HR portal to the new SharePoint online site and rebuild logic and structure of the site. The main problem to solve was showing user related to him content based on the country he is coming from without the need to create multiple pages for different countries. Also there was the challenge to use Out of the Box components with minimal available customization.

During the project Chiron helped SVB to come up with the new layout and data structure on the main Hub site and proposed to create additional subsites and shared Navigation. For the Navigation and Quick Links web-parts Audience targeting was applied based on they Office 365 Dynamic groups that automatically included users from different countries based on pre-defined parameters. The challenge with showing up targeted content on the same page for everyone was solved with custom developed web-part that supported views for: Provider Description, Provider Contact information, All providers view. This allowed content owners manage all information in one list across the hub and based on the filters and web-part configuration webpart was showing information to users based on the Dynamic O365 groups they belonged to.

Feedback Video from Jen Fischer to Alex Pashkevych Chiron’s CEO

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Based on the competition of the project we asked Jen Fischer, HR Program Director, to provide her feedback on Chiron’s performance and asked how satisficed she is with the overall project delivery.

Chiron never shied from work when it got more complicated or we had more questions. It was nice to have this sense of stability from Chiron. Chiron was there to help us rework the plan to be feasible and then deliver on it. For me, that was well within what we originally budgeted.

Jen Fischer,
HR Program Director

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