Learning Portal for new-hires

Visa is a large multi-national organization that provides financial services across the Globe. Chiron worked with USA West Coast headquarters to support the Data Science department with their needs and was an implementation partner on the project through Clarity Consultants.

Visa had a problem simplifying the Onboarding experience for new data science engineers. The materials were there but spread across different environments and platforms. It wasn’t straightforward to understand where a new team member needed to start, for example, what training to complete, what access they needed to request, or what equipment they needed as part of the onboarding process. Visa already had the SharePoint Online environment, and after consultation with Chiron, they decided to use this platform for the problem resolution.

Chiron discussed the business requirements and helped Visa determine what they needed was a new unified portal built on SharePoint. The new portal would give users a central point to track onboarding tasks and assigned activities. As part of the project, Chiron’s team developed wireframes based on Visa’s brand book and implemented the designs on the SharePoint Site. Furthermore, Chiron developed a site structure for a unique audience. It showed users generic information and one related to the organization they were onboarding.

Furthermore, numerous training and feedback sessions were conducted with the thought leaders and end-users. It was determined users should be able to track their progress, tasks, and training through planner tools, which Chiron developed in PowerApps. Last but not least, the development would provide links to different platforms from one central location.

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