SharePoint is used by millions of office employees worldwide, including many Fortune 500 companies. Despite being marketed as a collaboration tool that integrates with Microsoft, SharePoint is much more than that and can help your office in many ways, including:

  • Collaborative efforts
  • Web integration customized to your needs
  • Enhanced workflow
  • Manage and store documents securely
  • Enabling business growth

At Chiron USA, we can help your organization develop the necessary tools for a streamlined office with our SharePoint Consulting Services. Cloud systems, integration with existing apps, and ease-of-use are a few examples. However, SharePoint also allows for highly secure user access controls and reporting.

An Overview of SharePoint

You can use Microsoft Office to collaborate with SharePoint online between multiple users. When it was launched in 2001, offices primarily used it to manage documents. Despite this, SharePoint is highly configurable. Every organization can use it for various purposes, including building websites. As well as storing, sharing, organizing, and accessing information, SharePoint is mobile-friendly. Additionally, since the program is web-based, the only software you need is one of the available web browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Private Intranet

Your office can use the intranet for company news, internal procedures, and special reports. Intranets are different from the internet in that no one can access them outside of the private network. The SharePoint intranet system template program has some excellent features. On the other hand, we can design and implement an intranet system based on your specifications with enhanced features for collaboration. We use SharePoint Online, Microsoft Office 365, and SharePoint On-Premises for a secure, collaborative intranet. 

Intuitive Web Apps

We specialize in developing CI/CD-enabled web solutions as a SharePoint consultant using industry-standard packages. Among the well-known and specialized programming languages and frameworks used by a SharePoint consulting company are Docker, .Js, .Ts, Angular 2+, C#, .Net, and SQL. Our vast experience means we can develop web apps with many of the expected features modern companies demand with these systems. Features such as handling large volumes of data, database queries, and virtualization are among them.

Comprehensive Reporting Solutions

You can develop reporting solutions with your preferred consulting company by utilizing SharePoint’s powerful tools. Nevertheless, we can provide a complete reporting solution built with Power BI, Report Builder, Tableau, and JavaScript. The tools enable us to manage data from multiple sources creatively and innovatively. Then, we can unify the data using accurate modeling and algorithms to be easily understood. Based on this data, you can make actionable decisions for driving your business forward.

Rapid Development

Many of the industry’s most popular software packages can be challenging for some to understand and use. Rather than designing a system around their needs, your SharePoint consultant will develop a strategy around yours. A low-code platform like OutSystems enables us to create custom software and frameworks with a seamless and easy-to-use interface. The UI implementation is fast and powerful, sometimes ten times faster. Therefore, we are an excellent choice for rapid development so that your applications can go directly to your users.

How SharePoint Will Enhance Your Office

Suppose you are wondering what SharePoint consulting services can do for you. In that case, the short answer is that they can provide you with comprehensive solutions within the shortest time frame possible. Maintaining your budget and using the least amount of time and resources is easier this way. Thanks to SharePoint’s power, we can rapidly develop bespoke applications for cloud-based collaboration for your staff. Yet the quick development times mean apps are by no means inferior. We can produce any app with the features and security required.

Cloud Access

There are two types of SharePoint: OnPremises and Online. As a larger company, you might benefit from SharePoint’s intranet features. As an SMB, cloud-based SharePoint access might work better. In either case, the end-user experience is similar. Our expertise and guidance can enhance your business’s efficiency. Using SharePoint, we can help your organization thrive and prosper. You can grow in today’s competitive environment because of quick, easy, and secure access to your cloud-based apps using nothing more than a web browser.

Collaboration Workflow Systems

Through SharePoint, employees can easily connect for collaborative work. This is particularly useful for organizations with remote employees, a standard practice in 2022 because of Covid-19. Before remote collaboration, certain teams working on special projects or specific parts of a company couldn’t access more data. There was no system capable of allowing it. However, with SharePoint, everyone is always in contact to collaborate creatively to reach project goals. Forums and discussions cater to employee interaction.

Enhanced Security

As qualified SharePoint consultants, we can help your office meet national and international regulatory requirements. The Security and Compliance Center in Office 365 ensures the safety of all your data. Our services also allow you to apply policies, generate reports, create activity logs, and assign user access permissions. For added security, we can implement email and document policies that trigger protective actions when content is accessed. Furthermore, you can set up notifications to alert you to specific document user access.

Ease of Use

In 2022, your office employees shouldn’t have to struggle to navigate their way around a system. But it’s a fact that many off-the-shelf app developers think about UI and UX second to the code. And for websites that rely on SEO, ease-of-use is now a ranking factor. Fortunately, at Chiron, we have experienced interface designers that understand the importance of an easily usable system. This means your office employees will spend less time learning how to use a new system and more time staying productive.

Learn About Our SharePoint Consulting Services

Chiron provides a range of business-focused services, including process automation, data integration, collaboration platforms, and IT infrastructure maintenance. In addition, from our headquarters in Washington DC, we offer complete SharePoint consultancy solutions. Please, get in touch with us today to learn more. Our company works with local governments and enterprises and international clients in healthcare, finance, education, real estate, media, and transportation.

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